Real Estate Litigation

Scott Scher is a highly experienced attorney in real estate litigation matters and  has assisted countless individual and commercial clients effectively resolve their real estate disputes. While many disputes can be resolved through skillful negotiation, other disputes require intervention of the court.

When real estate disputes arise, litigation may be the most effective approach to resolving your case.

We have successfully negotiated and  resolved various real estate disputes, including:

  • Real estate purchase and sale disputes
  • Title issues
  • Secured creditor/debtor workouts
  • Disclosure and property defect matters
  • Commercial and residential lease disputes
  • Real estate brokerage and commission disputes
  • Escrow and earnest money disputes

Scott is committed to delivering client-focused representation in real estate litigation matters and works to resolve real estate disputes that result in the greatest benefit to our clients.

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We have has successfully assisted  many commercial and individual clients effectively resolve their real estate disputes.  Contact our Seattle office today to schedule a consultation.